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Between the ages of 5 and 9, negotiation behaviour is shaped in girls. We are conditioned and socialized to be grateful, gracious, and generous. And so, by age 9, we already negotiate for less than boys – and for even less when we negotiate with male counterparts. Over our lifetimes, this socialization weighs heavily. It speaks doubts into our minds whenever we even think about asking for more, casting shadows of selfishness when we dare to declare out loud what we deserve and desire. That ends now.

Joanne Zuk – Women’s Negotiation Expert

My name is Joanne Zuk, and I am on a mission to help women negotiate for what they deserve. I am best known for changing organizational cultures by investing in the development of emerging leaders. As a woman who faced two decades of mansplaining, sexist remarks, and feeling like I constantly had to prove myself, I committed my career to not just opening doors for underrepresented leaders, but to changing the systems and policies that keep those doors closed.

In 2022, I left the safe world of public service to do that work in a bigger way. I help women in the public, private, and voluntary sectors to ask themselves what they actually want and then support them to build the confidence, knowledge, and strategies they need to go after their dreams. Read more.

Fearless negotiation requires knowledge, confidence and strategy.

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