Strategic Salary Negotiation

I’ve heard it all.

“I know I’m worth more they’re offering, but I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

“I’m afraid if I push for a higher salary, they’ll withdraw the offer.”

“Will they think I’m entitled, demanding, or full of myself if I try to negotiate for more salary, benefits or flexibility in my work?”

It’s time to stop doubting yourself

Step into your strength

You know you are incredible – but that little voice in your head keeps casting shadows over your confidence.

As you’re going through the process of applying for and interviewing for jobs, you are proud of what you’ve accomplished so far in your career.

You are a compassionate and heart-centred employee who goes above and beyond in what you deliver.

Your reputation is strong – people enjoy working with you, because you bring expertise, compassion, and hard work to everything you touch.

But you’re ready for a change.

Maybe you have received a job offer, or maybe you’re still applying for that new role.

Maybe you’re returning to work after stepping back or juggling work with changing family responsibilities over the last few years.

It’s time to finally ask for what you deserve: fair compensation, benefits, flexibility, and perks.

It’s time to negotiate with confidence.

Joanne Zuk, your negotiation coach

“As women, we have blind spots when it comes to negotiation. We believe it will be confrontational and aggressive, and so many women avoid it for that reason. The truth is, empathy is our negotiation superpower – we just need to learn how to wield it effectively.”

— Joanne Zuk

We never learned to negotiate

Think about everything hard you’ve ever done in your career, in your life.

You weren’t born an expert.

You worked for it.

You started by learning, identified where you had strengths and room to grow, and then you practiced.

This is how you became exceptional: not by being an overnight success, but a committed learner.

This is the same way we learn how to negotiate.

Except as women, we don’t know what we don’t know.

We are not encouraged to develop and practice the skill.

And so when opportunities to negotiate come up, we doubt ourselves.

Every. Damn. Time.

Who is this course designed for?

I created this course because I was tired of hiring women who didn’t even try to negotiate their salaries, benefits, or work terms. I created it to put knowledge, skills, and confidence into the hands of every smart, capable, and ambitious woman pursuing her career goals.

I created it because negotiating is like investing – the earlier you start, the greater the lifetime benefits. By just negotiating just 10-15% every job change, you’ll increase your income by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 10 to 20 years. For example, if you start negotiating when you’re earning $50,000, after 10 years, you will have added $170k more to your income than if you hadn’t negotiated at all. Over a 20 year career at that same starting salary, negotiation is worth over $600k.

This is material that I wish I had learned when I was starting my career. I wish I had known it when my family circumstances needed me to ask for flexibility in my work schedule. And I really wish I’d known it before I took a job making $15,000 less than my male colleagues. Although all women will get value from the content, you’ll be able to put it into action and see at least a 10x return on your investment if you:

  • Have a job offer on the table right now and want to optimize your salary and benefits package
  • Are thinking about making a job or career change within the next six months
  • Are returning to the workforce after taking time away for parental leave or to support your family’s needs during the pandemic (notice I didn’t say time off)
  • Get anxious and uncomfortable at the mere thought of negotiating your next job offer

Strategic Salary Negotiation: Building Knowledge and Confidence

This is a program of learning, unlearning, and confidence building. Through a progressive approach, you will grow your understanding, dive into your own fears and motivations, and plan for success by aligning your boundaries with your values. You will strengthen your knowledge and confidence in the art of job negotiation.

Your digital program includes:

A welcome video that explains the program and how to optimize all of the tools, depending on where you are in the new job negotiation process.

Two-hour online workshop to help you identify what is holding you back and grow in your knowledge about how negotiation really works. You can work though the program quickly or break it up and work through it at whatever pace works for you.

Negotiation Toolkit that includes everything you need to build your own negotiation strategy. With 9 videos, 8 exercises, and 3 bonus videos that take you behind the scenes in a salary negotiation, you will be well prepared to ask for what you deserve.

Access to the program on your desktop and mobile app. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate, so the Kajabi app makes it easy to access your program on the go.

One year of access to the program, including updates and additions as the program evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never negotiated before?

Then there’s no better time than now to learn the skills to do it effectively. Each time a woman negotiates, she creates a new baseline for herself. And every subsequent negotiation just builds from there. More wealth in the hands of women can only be a good thing – because we spend 90% of our disposable income in our communities and in ways that strengthen our communities.

You might be nervous, and that’s ok. But by learning about the process and how to overcome the emotional blind spots that hold you back, you will be able to negotiate an offer based on your priorities and values. The only way you can get better at negotiating is by learning how and practicing.

How much time is involved?

That depends on how deep you want to go! The workshop will take about 2 hours to complete, and it gives you a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know to negotiate. The negotiation toolkit includes nearly an hour of additional video coaching, along with worksheets that will walk you through the step by step process of putting together your negotiation strategy.

You have access to the program for a full year, which means if you’re even thinking about applying for a new job, you might want to consider registering for this program and working through it over time. Although this isn’t an interview prep course, many of the exercises in the negotiation toolkit will help you present yourself with confidence in your interview.

Who is this program NOT designed for?

Great question! This program is designed specifically with you in mind if you are negotiating a NEW job offer. If you are looking for a program to help you negotiate within your existing role, this is not the one for you – though I will be releasing a program for you within the coming months. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a program to help you build confidence in the everyday negotiation that you do within your business, then check out Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs.

I understand why this program isn’t for men. But what about smart and ambitious trans women and non-binary people?

I designed the program for women, because it’s my area of expertise: my teaching experiences, my own negotiation experiences, and years of coaching smart and ambitious colleagues and clients who were mostly women. If you’re a trans woman or non-binary, you will probably identify with a lot of the same experiences that I go through in the course – and I have used the material to coach trans and non-binary colleagues and clients. However, as a trans or non-binary person, you have unique lived experiences that will affect your confidence in negotiating. Before telling you that this is what you need, I would love to have a conversation. Please drop me an email or book a free 15 minute consultation so we can talk about whether this program is the right fit, or if it makes more sense to create a future offering of the program that is built around your experiences.

Why did you create this program?

I believe that advancing equality in boardrooms across the world begins with equal pay. Yes, there is corporate responsibility in achieving that, but as women, we also need to take an active role in negotiating for our own fair compensation, benefits, and work terms.

My own experience in taking leadership and executive leadership programs has always left me unsatisfied. When I started talking with other professional women, I kept hearing the same things over and over again – that their leadership programs missed the mark in terms of helping women lead effectively. That’s because post-secondary education (which is where I spent 15 years of my career) is built around the needs of men. There are virtually no programs out there that help women to leverage their embodied skill set to grow as leaders.

I built this program because I’m part of that system. I’ve been teaching negotiation as part of a university course for several years now. I have modified it to include more content that speaks to women, but I see an enormous need in teaching women how to leverage their empathy to negotiate effectively. I built this program to get that knowledge and power into the hands of as many women as possible.

What is your refund policy?

Once you purchase the program, you have 14 days to go through the material. If, after taking the course, you feel you didn’t receive at least the value of the course, send me an email and I will gladly refund your money. However, most women are able to negotiate a minimum of $5,000 more (and for one client, a total compensation package increase of over $85,000) after taking this course. This is why it’s guaranteed.