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Joanne Zuk, negotiation coach, is sharing her thoughts on a podcast

Fearless Negotiation on The Driven Woman Podcast

In this lively convo, Diann and I talk about the 5 blindspots that cause women to settle for less than they want in negotiations, and how to get comfortable going from the minimum level to the dignified level to the generous level. We talk about feminine conditioning, why negotiating like a man just won’t work for most women, and how we can use empathy to create better outcomes for both sides, instead of allowing empathy to be used against us.

Fearless Negotiation on the Life With Soul Podcast

In this episode Melissa and I have an incredibly inspiring conversation that highlights so much goodness when it comes to how women behave, the social conditioning that has shaped our actions – both in and outside of the boardroom – and how we approach negotiation with ourselves, our families and our professional relationships.

Power, Leadership & Negotiation on Hue Living Room

This fiery conversation between Joanne and host Tracy Koga is a no-nonsense discussion about the barriers and opportunties women face in leadership roles. The conversation dips into the recent Roe v. Wade ruling in the US and we talk about the importance of women gaining economic independence so we can influence politics, systems, and culture.

Fearless Negotiation on The Visionaries Collective

If you are a woman who gets anxious whenever you negotiate, you’re not alone. This is a common challenge for women in the business world. But there is hope! Join Olivia and Jamie as they chat with Joanne, on how you can overcome your blind spots and harness your superpowers to negotiate with confidence in business and in life. 

Fearless Negotiation and Coffee with Genny B

As women, we were raised to be kind, empathetic, and humble. These are great qualities to have, but they can keep us from asking for what we know we’re worth, especially in negotiation. In this episode, Genny and Joanne talk about the art of negotiating and how we can get what we want and deserve. We talk about my Fearless Negotiation workshops and the blind spots that we need to watch out for.

Fearless Negotiation on Empowerpreneurs Podcast

Empowerpreneurs is a podcast for entrepreneurs – and one of the most important skills entrepreneurs need to strengthen is negotiation. In this discussion, we talked about: the difference between men and women’s approaches, the steps to negotiate well, the importance of negotiation for women entrepreneurs and what to use negotiation for.

International Women’s Day on CTV Morning Live

Joanne Zuk and Nicole Dube appear in a screenshot of CTV Morning Live

Helping Women to Negotiate

March 6, 2022

In this interview with Nicole Dube, I share why negotiation is so important and a few key strategies for success.

Watch now.

Fearless Negotiation in the Winnipeg Free Press

Calling on Confidence

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Get ready for International Women’s Day with a crash course in negotiating. In this article about my work, author Barbara Bowes shares my approach for coaching women in negotiation – whether at home, in the office, or in their businesses.

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Finding Joy in Change on the Get Your Goat Podcast

In conversation with Peggie Koenig and Catherine Gryba, I share about a new chapter in my life that has “lit me up from within”. I talk about a period of loss and fear and how it led to branding and marketing myself– something I never had to do in my career as a public servant. My new focus is coaching and mentoring women in the art of negotiation, something I have had to develop as a skill for myself.

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